Motor soft starter

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A motor soft starter is a device used with AC electric motors to temporarily reduce the load and torque in the powertrain and electrical current surge of the motor during startup. This reduces the mechanical stress on the motor and shaft, as well as theelectrodynamic stresses on the attached power cables and electrical distribution network, extending the lifespan of the system.[1]

Electric motor

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An electric motor is an electric machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy.
In normal motoring mode, most electric motors operate through the interaction between an electric motor's magnetic field and winding currents to generate force within the motor. In certain applications, such as in the transportation industry with traction motors, electric motors can operate in both motoring and generating or braking modes to also produce electrical energy from mechanical energy.

Ecm motor technology

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This class will cover all of the ECM motors used in residential and light commercial HVAC for the last 20 years from the leader in ECM technology. The knowledge gained in this course will help all HVAC professionals gain the confidence and competence needed to discuss the benefits of, and install ECM driven systems to operate at peak performance and provide maximum comfort, as well as diagnose and service these systems if needed.

Robot's custom-designed

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A 70-pound cheetah robot designed by MIT researchers may soon outpace itsanimal counterparts in running efficiency: In treadmill tests, the researchers have found that the robot ” about the size and weight of an actual cheetah ” wastes very little energy as it trots continuously for up to an hour and a half at 5 mph. The key to the robot's streamlined stride: lightweight electric motors, set into its shoulders, that produce high torque with very little heat wasted.