DC motor

Brushless dc motors

Reliability and perfect quality. These are the features for brushless Dc motors manufactured by our company. We also provide a full range of support services.

  • long lifetime
  • low noise
  • high efficiency

We are an expert in brushless dc motors

We have over 20 years of experience in the production of brushless dc motors.

DC motor

Brushless dc motors

Brushless motors are widely used in the smart home industry to help the booming development of smart home appliances. The main products are: electric curtain, intelligent window opener, sweeping robot, coffee machine, grinding machine and other smart home products. Excellent quality, can be customized according to customer requirements, ingenious production, support customization, noise reduction operation, various product specifications, wide use, good texture, high efficiency and low resistance.
The speed is fast, and the strictness of every detail is to optimize your use experience

Part number of brushless dc motors

  • Diameter 16mm:BL1625,JBG1625
  • Diameter 22mm:BL2238
  • Diameter 24mm:BL2418,BL2430,JBG2418,JBG2430
  • Diameter 28mm:BL2838,BL2844,BL2857,BL2867,JBG2838
  • Diameter 30mm:BL3040
  • Diameter 36mm:BL3626,BL3630,BL3640,BL3650,BL3657,JBG3626,JBG3630,JBG3640,JBG3650,JBG3657
  • Diameter 42mm:BL4235,BL4260,BL4275,JBG4235,JBG4260,JBG4275
  • Diameter 43mm:BL4318




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