coreless motor

Coreless motors

We produce a wide range of coreless motors for both: brushed and brushless. All of our coreless motors can match with gearbox and encoder. Coreless motors diameter from 10mm to 46mm. You can choose different size,different voltage, different speed,different output shaft base on your application.

We are an expert in coreless motors

We have over 20 years of experience in the production of coreless motors.

coreless motor

Brushed coreless motors

Brushed coreless motors have advantages, such as high efficiency, high torque, compact structure, etc. 

  • Efficiency can be as high as 90%. 
  • The torque of coreless motor with equal volume is twice that of ordinary DC motor.
  • Usually very small volume, structural parts are manufactured by high-precision CNC lathes.

Part number for brushed coreless motors

  • Diameter 10mm:1015,1020,1024
  • Diameter 12mm:1213,1215,1218,1220,1230
  • Diameter 13mm:1320,1331,1332
  • Diameter 15mm:1515
  • Diameter 16mm:1620,1625,1636,1638,1642
  • Diameter 17mm:1715,1718,1722,1723,1725
  • Diameter 22mm:2225,2232,2233,2240,2248
  • Diameter 26mm:2607
  • Diameter 28mm:2832,2840,2845,2854
  • Diameter 32mm:3260
  • Diameter 35mm:3553,3570
  • Diameter 36mm:3660,3670,3671
  • Diameter 40mm:4070,4088
coreless motor

Brushless coreless motors

Brushless coreless motors in addition to the advantages of brushed coreless motor, it usually has the advantages of long lifetime, accurate control, servo control and so on

Part number for brushless coreless motors

  • Diameter 15mm:1515
  • Diameter 16mm:1630,1636,1650
  • Diameter 17mm:1718
  • Diameter 20mm:2040,2050,2060
  • Diameter 22mm:2232,2238,2240,2245,2248
  • Diameter 24mm:2432,2438,2447
  • Diameter 26mm:2643
  • Diameter 28mm:2834,2835,2840,2845,2854,2855,2864,2867
  • Diameter 32mm:3260,3265,3270
  • Diameter 36mm:3640,3660,3670
  • Diameter 40mm:4058,4070,4088
  • Diameter 46mm:46110
DC motor

Gearbox for coreless motors

In most cases, we use high-precision planetary gear boxes to match coreless motors, stainless steel housings, and high-precision CNC lathes. The gear has very small tolerance, long lifetime, low noise and can withstand high torque.

Diameter of gearbox for coreless motors: 10mm,12mm,13mm,16mm,22mm,24mm, 26mm,28mm,32mm,35mm,36mm,40mm.



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