Grand opening of new production plant in Bedzin, Poland

Submitted by admin on Sun, 05/07/2017 - 17:32

Johnson Electric Poland celebrated the grand opening of a new production plant in Bedzin on November 18, 2016, presided by Dr. Patrick Wang, Chairman and CEO, and honorable guests from the local government authorities and the City Council of Bedzin.

Among the 50 attending guests included Mr. Lukasz Komoniewski, President of Bedzin; Mr. Rafal Adamczyk, Vice President of Bedzin; Mr. Krzysztof Haladus, Vice President of Sosnowiec, City Council of Bedzin and partner companies who were instrumental in getting the plant up and operational.

Gracing the occasion on the Johnson Electric side was the presence of Mr. TS Choi, Senior Vice President, Global Manufacturing; Mr. Andrea Straniero, Division Vice President Segment Solution Business, IPG; Mr. Laurent Cardon, General Manager, Operations Europe; Mr. Dirk Weiss, Vice President Metering & Circuit Breaker Technology, IPG; Mr. Markus Schmitz, Director, Manufacturing Footprint Europe; Mr. Serge Romming, Head of Quality & Reliability Europe and Mr. Herman Choi, Head of SCS Europe.

Speaking at the celebration ceremony, Dr. Wang said, “Our decision to move to this location was based on the need to create space for further growth and for us to be able to expand the range of activities that we can conduct – including increased vertical integration. It also reflects the fact that we have been able to build up a very strong and capable team of people here in this local area who we want to continue to grow with us.”

The new plant represents an important element in the Company's strategy to serve industrial and consumer product customers both globally and locally. With size of over 11,000 square meters, the site allows the hiring of more people and extension of production which was not possible in the former location of Dabrowa Gornicza. With upcoming programs, the number of employees is expected to exceed 1,000 in the near future compared to 800 at the beginning of 2016.