stepper motor

Permanent magnet stepper motors

Permanent magnet stepper motors have the advantage of precise angle control.We produce micro permanent magnet stepper motors, linear stepper motors and gear stepper motors for household appliances

We are an expert in permanent magnet stepper motors

We have over 20 years of experience in the production of permanent magnet stepper motors.

stepper motor

Micro pm stepper motors

Diameter of micro pm stepper motors from 4mm to 42mm. Widely used in handheld devices, medical equipment, digital cameras, office equipment.

Part number of pm stepper motors


  • SM0813GB150
  • SM1041GB30
  • SM1055GB380
  • SM1066GB20
  • SM1091GB1000
  • SM1507GB100



  • SM1543GB380
  • SM1551GB50
  • SM1597GB150
  • SM2001GB195.3
  • SM2005GB100
  • SM2017GB125


stepper motor

linear stepper motors

Fixed axis linear stepper motor:SM08 series, SM10 series, SM15 series,SM20 series.

Linear stepper motor with movable shaft:20mm diameter, 25mm diameter,35mm diameter

They are widely used in valves, lifting devices.

We produce stepping motors efficiently.

We have several fully automatic production lines to efficiently produce stepping motors.

stepper motor

stepper motors for household appliances

24BYJ48,28BYJ48,30BYJ46,35BYJ46,50BYJ24,mainly used for household appliances, such as air conditioners, fans and PTZ



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