DC motor

Dc micro motors

We not only produce standard dc motors, but also customized dc motors according to different project needs. Standard dc motors have K, M, N, 0, 1, 2, 3, 5,7, 9 series.

We are an expert in dc micro motors

We have over 20 years of experience in the production of dc micro motors.

DC motor

Flat dc motors

For flat dc motors, we have K10,K20,K30,M10,M20,M30,N10,N20,N30,F030,F050,F130, F140,F260,F280,F540 and so on.They are used for toys, office equipment, cameras, smart locks, cars, water and electricity meters, etc.

Part number of dc micro motors


  • Diameter 8mm: K10,K20,K30
  • Diameter 10mm:M10,M20,M30
  • Diameter 12mm:N10,N20,N30
  • Diameter 15.4mm:F030,F050
  • Diameter 20.4mm:F130,F140,F180,R130
  • Diameter 24mm:F260,F280,R260,R300,R310,R320,R370



  • Diameter 28mm:R360,R365,R380,R385,R390,R395
  • Diameter 32mm:R500,R520,R528
  • Diameter 35.6mm:R540,R545,F540,R555,R595
  • Diameter 42mm:R755,R775,R795
  • Diameter 51.8mm:R987,R997


DC motor

Round dc micro motors

For round dc micro motors, we have R130,R260,R300,R310,R320,R370,R540,R550,R590,R755,R775, R795,R987,R997. They are widely used, such as DVD, micro air pump,micro water pump, fragrance machine, printer,copier, mixer, etc



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